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Our success in matching is based on three pillars: psychology-based expertise; our global network of exceptional singles; and the authenticity of our team.

Exclusive Matchmaking

Our Wedknott Exclusive Membership service offers the ultimate matchmaking experience.

Your dedicated matchmaker will guide you through our matchmaking process, veering you away from the chaos of modern dating toward your goal of finding a compatible long-term partner.

You will share ideas on what is important to you, and on the future you want to build for yourself. Your matchmaker will take those ideas and make them a reality, creating something that is not just breathtaking, but that has real structure and will last the test of time, too.

We will search for matches from our network, then hand-pick those highly select few who meet your criteria. Your matchmaker will vet all matches, and you will always have the final say on who you meet.

How We Work