What is the criteria for elite Matrimony

"Elite Matrimony" typically refers to a service or platform that caters to individuals from affluent, influential, or prestigious backgrounds who are seeking a partner with similar attributes. The specific criteria for elite matrimony may vary depending on the service or platform, but generally, the following factors may be considered:

  1. Education:Elite matrimony services may require individuals to have completed higher education, such as a bachelor's or master's degree from a reputable institution

  2. Profession:Professionals from high-paying or prestigious fields such as medicine, law, finance, engineering, or entrepreneurship may be preferred.

  3. Income:Elite matrimony services may have a minimum income requirement to ensure that individuals are financially stable and capable of maintaining a certain lifestyle.

  4. Background:Individuals with a family history of wealth, influence, or prominence may be preferred.

  5. Personal Attributes:Certain personal attributes, such as physical appearance, social skills, and lifestyle choices, may also be considered.

it's important to note that these criteria may not apply universally, and individuals seeking an elite matrimony service should carefully research and understand the specific requirements of the service they are interested in.